Horsell Snow Angels

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About Horsell Snow Angels

A pop-up volunteering group helping the elderly and anyone else who needs help in Horsell when it snows or freezes. We do small amounts of shopping, collect prescriptions, walk dogs and clear snow.

Call 01483 380025 for help on snowy or icy days. (The service is not available at other times).

Join one (or more) of our mailing lists for user updates, or to become a volunteer. We're also involved in community resilience efforts in Horsell, so we have a community resilience mailing list for those interested in getting involved or being informed.

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Latest posts

Snow Angels Are Go!

In view of the likely snowy weather in Horsell, we are expecting to activate the Snow Angels service from 5pm Thursday 12th January.

If you know of anyone who might need help so they don't need to risk going out in the snow, make sure they know they can call upon Snow Angels during bad weather, and the number to call is 01483 380025. Snow Angels is a service provided by volunteers for anyone who needs help with the following services in particularly bad weather:

  • Shopping
  • Dog walking
  • Prescription collection
  • Snow clearance
Woking Borough Council has been in contact with the Met Office and confirmed that Woking will be likely to be affected by snow on Thursday. Thanks to our local Councillor Colin Kemp, Snow Angels and the Residents' Association are well informed of what the Council's plans are.

The main points are:
  • We can expect heavy rain from 10am until early/mid evening
  • We can expect snow from around 5pm until mid evening. Around 2-4 cm is expected
  • The warning is of "Low Likelihood of Medium Impacts".
  • There will be widespread frost throughout Thursday evening continuing over the weekend
  • More snow showers are expected at the weekend
Serco have already begun preparations for the snow, including having resources available and fitting snow ploughs to tractors.

We are very likely to activate Snow Angels during Thursday if snow starts to settle, and Snow Angels Volunteers will be informed by text message and email, and asked to confirm whether they will be available.

If we are set for a snowy period, Snow Angels will continue to operate throughout the period.

Snow Angels is happening again this year!

Tell your friends and neighbours - Snow Angels will be live in Horsell this year when it snows or is icy.

The number to call (as always) is 01483 380025. When it is not snowy or icy there will be an answerphone.

To volunteer as a Snow Angel, sign up at, or to sign up for alerts when Snow Angels is live, go the same page.

Community Resilience Conference

Posted on behalf of Surrey Prepared
If you run a flood or resilience forum, or would like to set one up, join Surrey Prepared’s first free interactive seminar, for community and neighbourhood-active citizens. It's happening on Tuesday 27th September in Leatherhead.

Surrey Prepared aims to help Surrey community groups to work together to plan, prepare and prevent crisis in the face of emergency.

At this conference you can hear from expert speakers in resilience and risk management across a spectrum of fascinating sectors. Learn to combine local skills and services to effectively address all types of vulnerabilities across Surrey: from extreme weather to human crisis.

There will be:

  • workshops where you can discuss with others getting prepared in your community
  • speakers on future risks from extreme weather & adapting to climate change, how young people in Runnymede responded to 2014 flooding, and how the Environment Agency and partners are working together in Surrey
  • practical demonstrations of First Aid, networking tools in your neighbourhood (such as and how to prepare for flooding
The venue at Leatherhead Leisure Centre is close to a train station and has a large car park, and there will be a modest lunch provided, thanks to funding from Surrey Community Foundation.

Register your interest today by emailing by 26th August. Please include the following information:

  • Your full name and preferred email address
  • The group/community/area you are from
  • Whether you would like to attend for the whole day (9.30-4pm) or just the morning or afternoon session
  • Whether you have any special requirements (access, diet etc)
The nice people from Surrey Prepared will reply to confirm your place. Thank you!
27 Sep 2016 at 10:00am
until 27 Sep 2016 at 4:00pm
Leatherhead Leisure Centre
Guildford Road
KT22 9BL

Could Snow Angels do more?

For many of you, this is your third winter season of being a Snow Angel.  It has hardly snowed at all during that time, so I'm very aware that you, the Snow Angels volunteers, have been very under-utilised! 

So I'm hoping you might not mind if we use these very occasional emails to highlight other volunteering opportunities locally - particularly ones that don't require any commitment, such as occasional litter picking. 

Also if there are any other emergencies (eg flooding or public health emergencies) we propose to use the same system of alerting you to volunteering opportunities. 

If you don't like this, please unsubscribe from this list by clicking the unsubscribe button below, which will not unsubscribe you from the Snow Angels altogether - just the alerts about other volunteering and community opportunities.

A reminder of how Snow Angels works

When it snows or is icy, the Snow Angels committee decide early on whether Snow Angels is going to be operational or not. (Usually the answer will be yes, unless the snow or ice is very mild).

If Snow Angels is operational, one committee member will take charge for the day, and all calls to the Snow Angels phone number (01483 380025) will be diverted to that person's mobile phone or home phone number so they can field all the calls.

We then send a text message to all Snow Angels volunteers (usually between 8am and 9am) to ask about your availability. Just text us back with "Yes" (I'm available and in the village all day) or "No" (I'm not around or available) or, if it's complicated, when you're available (eg "Available pm only"). We'll log this availability in a spreadsheet so that we know who to call upon.

When calls come in, the person in charge will select the nearest available volunteer (checking from our records what jobs he/she is happy to do - and if necessary, whether he/she has a DBS certificate), and contact them to ask if they can do the job. If they can't, that's fine - we should usually have alternative volunteers to contact.

Jobs that we do include small amounts of shopping (up to £10), dog walking (for those happy with dogs), prescription collection, and small amounts of snow clearance (for those able and willing). We don't want any volunteers to give lifts in their car. All the activities we ask you to do are fully insured.