Snow Angels is happening again this year!

Tell your friends and neighbours - Snow Angels will be live in Horsell this year when it snows or is icy.

The number to call (as always) is 01483 380025. When it is not snowy or icy there will be an answerphone.

To volunteer as a Snow Angel, sign up at, or to sign up for alerts when Snow Angels is live, go the same page.

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Horsell Snow Angels

A pop-up volunteering group helping the elderly and anyone else who needs help in Horsell when it snows or freezes. We do small amounts of shopping, collect prescriptions, walk dogs and clear snow.

Call 01483 380025 for help on snowy or icy days. (The service is not available at other times).

Join one (or more) of our mailing lists for user updates, or to become a volunteer. We're also involved in community resilience efforts in Horsell, so we have a community resilience mailing list for those interested in getting involved or being informed.
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